Art studio for rent, Spain

Professional creatives are welcome to share and create art


Organize workshops

Creative professionals are most welcome to organize workshops and events.

I own a large and spacious studio for rent of 10 x 8 x 5.5 m, with fast and free wifi, photography equipment and housing for at least 8 guests. When you have more participants, suitable housing will be arranged.

The studio is floor heated, so very comfortable and suitable for yoga, reiki, Spanish lessons, creativity training, team building, coaching and art classes.

Studio for rent: commercial use 295,- per day, including devices (computer, monitor, beamer, flashlights) 1500,- per week excl vat. 21%

Studio for rent Spain: cultural use 100,- euro per day or week 500,- ex. vat 21%

Alternative prices apply for artists in residence.


Studio 10x8x6

65 inch monitor
flashlights elinchrome
enlargers for 2x3 and 4x5
yoga mats


Want to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life and escape the "rat race" to create new work!

Lubrin is a quiet, authentic village located in the Spanish Mountains of the Goats (Sierra de los Filabres). The environment is rugged, dramatic and wonderful.

Nature reserve Gabo di Gata is nearby and so inspiring.

Although the village is located in the Campo, it is closely linked to its surroundings, has a rich culture and is connected to the art community.

In this area, you can hear yourself think again and come to yourself. An opportunity to create new, authentic work.

Look here for the rooms.

How to get to Lubrin.

Or give me a call +31 (0) 650455055 / +34 711037142