The art of relaxing

Quality time

Rooms for rent

To create art you must master the art of relaxing. A great way is going on holiday to clear your mind and be inspired by the spectacular nature of the Spanish landscape.

When you go on holiday, make a stopover on your hike or bike ride, just relax or join creative art classes, you are most welcome in my vacation home in Lubrin, Andalusia.

Quiet village square in Lubrin.

A curtain flutters lazily, and the tree casts its shadow. Welcome to Lubrin, a typical Spanish, white village in the heart of Andalusia

Please be my guest in my lovely townhouse near the restaurant and pub Bar la Plaza. So, if you have a sip too much, your bed is near.

Go on tour and visit the pittoresque pueblos blancos.

Cozy, clean rooms

My house offers four rooms. Three with private bathrooms and an extra room which has no private bathroom but is available if you are willing to share a bathroom with friends or family. Each room has a desk to work on, a mini fridge and spacious closets.

Fast wifi, smooth internet is available.

Shared kitchen with access to the balcony. A great place to meet people and hang out.

Lots of space to store your bike or hiking gear.

Take a look at the house.

And if you are a teacher and want to give your students a great learning experience ánd a wonderful holiday, I have a spacious studio for rent.

Wonderful view.

My home in located at the top of the hill and has three balconys to enjoy the view and to have coffee in the morning and Spanish breakfast with tortilla Espanola or tostada gabon or tomato, or whatever you like.

A great way to start your day on your holiday.

How to get to Lubrin.

Bike, hike, or relax.

Visit the Taberna desert, where several spaghetti westerns were shot, such as A Fistful of Dollars and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Or book a kano- and snorkel trip in Gabo de Gata's nature resort.


Fuente del Campico. You start your tour in Lubrin, and it will lead you to Puerto del Rey. For this bike tour, you need excellent condition.

But there are plenty of other cycling routes that require less stamina.

Bas Jongerius


Many people enjoy quiet nature, dramatic scenery, and the mild Mediterranean climate each year. However, the best time for a walking holiday in Spain is spring, when the landscape is in full bloom, or autumn, when you can enjoy superb walking weather and changing colours.


Enjoy sun and sea at Playa de Mojácar.

The hail white beaches are only a 30-minute drive through the beautiful mountain landscape.

Holidays to remember.