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Upcoming exihibition sunday 25 Februari 2024 - 17.00

              A hidden pearl. Lubrin          

A mini society in the Spanish countryside. As if you see the whole world summarized in a raindrop, as in a mini dome.

There is 1 baker, 1 policeman, a market once a week, 1 hardware store, 1 hairdresser, 1 'block' and 1 very sweet, authentic 'shop from Sinkel'.

Peeeeppppeeeet, the gas man on Monday Peeeeppppeeeet, the Aquarius on Wednesday Peeeeeppppeeeet, the fish man on Friday

Although the conveniences of the digital world have penetrated here, this village has managed to retain its original character.

Here you can sink into genuine peace. Not the 'rest' that is granted to you by the capitalist society of a holiday, to relax from the pressure of work and which is mainly intended to recharge you so that you can continue producing.

There is real peace and quiet in Lubrin.

Almost boredom. Of a pleasant kind that opens your mind and makes you aware of completely irrelevant events. Like two slippers hanging out to dry, a sheet fluttering in the wind, a single cloud growing and shrinking, a shadow deepening and dissolving in the sunlight.

Less happens but you see more.