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Ongoing exihibition

On view until March 6, 2024 and from April 22 to June 6.

And from 1 oktober till 6 december.

              A hidden jewel. Lubrin          

A mini society in the Spanish countryside. As if you see the whole world summarized in a raindrop, as in a mini dome.

There is 1 baker, 1 policeman, a market once a week, 1 hardware store, 1 hairdresser, 1 'blokker store' and 1 very sweet, authentic 'conveniencestore'.

Toet toet, the gas man on Monday. Toet toet, the Aqua man on Wednesday. Toet toet, the fish man on Friday

All following a reassuringly fixed pattern.

Although the conveniences of the digital world have penetrated here, this village has managed to retain its original character.

Here you can sink into genuine peace. Not the "rest" granted to you by the consumer society with a vacation to escape the pressure of work and the overload of stimuli, and whose main purpose is to recharge so you can continue producing.

There is real peace and quiet in Lubrin that opens your mind and makes you aware of completely 'irrelevant' events. Like two slippers hanging out to dry, a sheet fluttering in the wind, a single cloud growing and shrinking, a shadow deepening and dissolving in the sunlight.

Less happens but you see so much more.

Short stay in Spain 

Lubrin is in Andalusia, Spain and to visit the exhibition it is advisable to stay a few days. You will stay at Casa de Arte, which is located in the center of Lubrin, at the top of the mountain overlooking the valley.
Visit the exhibition, meet the friendly people of Lubrin, experience the hospitality of the region and enjoy Marieluz's tapas and authentic paella.

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