Visual arts

create awareness and broaden your vision


History - Symbolism and portraits

Simone Henken's course "Symbolism in Portrait and Landscape" challenges you to translate symbols and icons embedded in our collective memory into modern images and link them to current themes.

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  • Calendar
  • Price: 1850,- incl 21 % vat
  • Location: Lubrin, Andalusia, Spain
  • Teacher Simone Henken

Photographic technics

Lightroom and color management

These two practice-oriented courses are for anyone looking for a quick way of archiving and processing photos and for those who want color control from camera to monitor to print. Basic skills.

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  • Calendar
  • Price: Lightroom 375,- excl. vat 21% - two days.
  • Price colormanagement 375,- excl. vat 21% - two days.
  • Location: Amstelveen
  • Teacher: Gerlo Beernink
  • Host: Simone Henken

Vision boarden - Collage technics

Personal growth

This workshop is an ideal moment to reflect on your life. What are your wishes, your desires? Where do you want to go as a person? What do you want to achieve in the near future?

Making a vision board is a relaxing and inspiring activity. You get the space and guidance to feel what your heart tells you and to think about your future, something we don't take the time for in everyday life.

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Judith Pelgrom

  • Calendar

  • Price: 1450,- incl. 21 % vat
  • Location: Lubrin, Spain
  • Teacher: Judith Pelgrom
  • Host: Simone Henken

Introspection and reflection

Personal growth

Reinforce your own style within the genre that you prefer and fits your personality.

Your portfolio reveils your personality. Your pictures show your view on the world, what you see and from wich point of view.

It also reveils what you don't see, your blind spots. In this program we focus on themes that are important to you and how you can express your vision in an artistic, photographic way.

Because this training focuses on who you are, your work will be authentic and original because it is based on your unique personality.

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Simone Henken

  • Calendar

  • Price: 125,- excl. 21 % vat per hour
  • Price: 995,- excl. 21 % vat, 10 sessions
  • Location: online, zoom

  • Coach: Simone Henken

What people say

Thank you so much Simone for your refreshing take on photography and your different way of teaching; personal, with empathie and expertise.
This has taken us all to the next level. How cool to see where we ended up as a class today.
And if I speak for myself; you have challenged me enormously to look at spaces and environments in a different way.
I'm really looking forward to develope that series further, probably to a more classic way of shooting...
Thank you for your inspiration and your energy!
I hope to meet you again!


Danielle Moelker


I am very happy with Gerlo's color management workshop. Gerlo can explain difficult-to-understand technical aspects of digital images that I could immediately apply in my work as a photographer.

Since doing this workshop, I no longer doubt the calibration of my monitor, nor the colors of my edited photos. This allows me to spend more time shooting and less time behind the screen – just what I was looking for!

I highly recommend this workshop to both advanced amateur and professional photographers.

Adrienne Norman

I attended a Color Management workshop with Gerlo beernink.

Because how do you really get the colors of your camera, your laptop, your monitor and your printer to match?

Learned a lot, got a lot of insight, and it was also great fun with my fellow professionals!

Bas Jongerius

Simone offers room for further development. Sometimes I feel like Harry Potter in Hogwarts; behind every door that opens there is so much beauty to see and so much to learn. From a reasonable amateur I have developed into a more professional amateur with a home studio. In addition to my own work, I increasingly shoot commissioned. Especially portraits.

I see so much room for further development. I feel that I'm far from getting the most out of my technical skills and my creativity.

I want to be challenged in areas that I naturally avoid but where there is clear gain.”

David Beekhuis