'A hidden pearl'


Opening 25 Februari, 17.00 

gallery Smart by Art,

Lubrin, Spanje


Studio/ gallery and rooms for rent in Spain for workshops and retraites. 

The art of creating

Are you an artist or a creative entrepreneur and want to find inspiration for new work at your leisure and connect with a new network?

Or would you like to share your knowledge and talent by giving workshops!

In Lubrin, Andalusia, Spain I have a great, spacious studio of 10 x 8 x 6 m equipped with professional photography equipment.

I organize and phase creative workshops to enhance creativity and well-being. The trainings are based on three pillars; body (healthy food), mind (visual arts) and soul (reiki, yoga).

The studio has floor heating and is pleasant and comfortable. Suitable for; retreats, artists in residence, art classes, creative workshops and coaching. Create and inspire.

Creative classes

The art of nourishing body, mind and soul

Body - Fresh ingredients are literally food for the body. We study plant species at the Esculturas Garden in Olula del Río. We collect fruits and vegetables in markets and on our hikes, which we photograph in the studio and from which chef Danny creates dishes packed with flavor. From vegan, to vegetarian to authentic Spanish.

Mind - Visual arts are food for the mind. I'm a photographer and teacher. With a few fellow photographers, painters and video-artists, I offer inspiring art classes to increase awareness and broaden your vision.

Soul- Introspection is food for the soul. Practice yoga, reiki and mindfullness. Honour your body.

The art of relaxing

Enjoy your holiday in Lubrin, Spain.

Explore Lubrin, Andalusia, for a relaxing vacation to clear your mind and recharge your energy. Have a great time in this typical Spanish village, explore Gabo de Gata's nature resort, connect with the locals and enjoy delicious food.

Lubrin: Airbnb.nl (48985939 advertentienummer)

Stay just for holiday, or combine your stay with creative art classes.

UPCOMING 05/01 till 12/01 2024

Jezus is a strong male icon

There is no female equivalent

Ring gymnastiscs, only for men

A gymnast girl, her arms spread like Jezus

If Jezus is the son of God

would she be his daughter

and Maria her mother?

I'm the founder of Smart by Art because I love creating and I breath, live and love art. It brings me joy and happiness which I want to share.

I'm a visual artist, photographer and coach. I have a wonderful, spacious house in Amsterdam in an exceptional neighborhood that I rent out as b&b.  

I also have a house and studio in Lubrin, Andalusia, Spain, which I rent as a b&b too. It has four bedrooms: 3 with private bathrooms and an extra bedroom for family and friends (shared bathroom).

In my studio in Spain you can give or take workshops, or retreat from a turbulent world to find inspiration, make your creative dreams come true and connect with a network of Spanish artists and institutions.

I travelled the world, worked hard, and learned a lot. Now it's time to share my experience, practice the Art of living and live life to the fullest.

Please join.

Simone Henken

My mission and vision.

Imagine beyond...