Personal growth by analyzing your photo's


Analyzing your images for their content and form gives you insight into how you see and approach the world.

What do you show, what do you overlook, and from what point of view do you see the world? What boundaries do you set for yourself?

You explore what your motives and (sometimes limiting) beliefs are.

You discover why you do what you do and how to turn that into a strong and recognizable portfolio.

A good coach provides focus, unravels conflicting thoughts, makes you aware of beliefs that hinder or, on the contrary, expand and shows the relationship between what you say and what you do. Personal growth makes your photography original.

You are challenged to push artistic boundaries and remove creative blocks.

I always do this with empathy, humor and a loving eye. Personal growth will make you more aware of your artistic choices and your photography will be more authentic and meaningful.

Here's what you can expect from me as a coach:

  • You always take center stage.
  •  My expertise as a coach is at your service. It's about what you want to discover.
  •  I will actively listen so I can ask the right questions.
  •  Mirroring your thoughts and your images will be without judgment
  • It is my concern to unravel the tangle of possibly contradictory thoughts and to bring a clear line into it.
  • I help to recognize patterns that may be so obvious that you overlook them, but which can have a great impact on your work and life.
  • I feed you with suggestions both in terms of image and text, that apply specifically to you of course, to help you see further or from a different point of view.
  •  I help you give words to your images and process for a broader awareness but also to be able to write an artist statement.
  •  I provide you with essays on the history of photography and give you philosophical starting points for viewing and creating photography.
  • I provide you with concrete assignments to deepen your photographic work.


I'm a visual coach

I'm not a therapist. Let that be clear. I can't help you with mental health issues.

But I can be the mirror that reflects your (conflicting) thoughts, increase your vision, broaden your visual spectrum and help you to overcome creative boundary's in a playful, inspiring way.

Group or private sessions

You can follow this training in a group setting. In addition, the group also works as a catalyst, which is a major advantage. Suitable for photo clubs

But, if you feel more at ease in private sessions you also can request personal 1 on 1 coaching.