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Simone Henken

City Hall Chicago

Light plays a crucial role as a design element. I model with light to intensify the content. My photos are therefore theatrical but classical in structure and stripped of frills. Only what contributes to the core is shown. And each photo should be able to stand on its own with its own strength and dynamics

A photo does not have to be true in a journalistic sense - I take the poetic freedom to edit the photos - but just as a play is not real, it can reveal a deeper truth.

My theater background as a drama teacher and my psychology studies are reflected in the social themes that I address in my images and in the way in which they are shaped, in which light plays a very important role.

Simone Henken

House for sale

Simone Henken

The storm

These images come in every conceivable variation from postcards to monumentally framed images.

A "picture" is never just a picture. If the image appeals to you it is because you make an emotional connection with it. Whatever the reason for choosing artwork, it is extremely personal.

It may be because it evokes a memory or-because you want to share a moment with someone else, or-because the aesthetic appeals to you or-because it just makes you very happy.

Just let us know what your preference is.




The imagination and dreams of prehistoric times. The connection between us and former inhabitants is elusive to our minds and science. The landscape though, forms a link between us and our ancestors. After 5000 years we still cherish the monuments they once erected.

Gerlo is a highly experienced visual artist. He specializes in reportage, portrait, and landscape photography. He is always on the outlook for a more universal language to represent emotion and feeling.

Winner of the World Press Photo.

Title: Memory of landscape


The Fritillaria Meleagris or Sneak's head, is a striking flower with a rich cultural-historical history and full of symbolism. These rare, fragile flower bulbs bloom in the spring in the IJsseldelta near Zwolle. This photo was made of a Snake's head that I found at the flood plains that are regularly submerged.

It is important to preserve this history, so this flower continues to be appreciated and seen.

Title: Fritillaria Meleagris


In our pursuit of physical perfection, in our current society we often forget that imperfections make who we are; human and unique.

For Peter Cuypers, 'beauty flaws' and (scar) marks that a body incurs during life are the core of beauty.
By photographing the body, Peter explores and examines the body and records it in his own unique way. He has a fascination for the human body as an autonomous form.
He focusses on unique features, the wrinkles, the folds and curves, without reservations/scruples, how the body as a sculpture has been shaped by time.

Title: Sculptered by nature.